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An open letter to the city of Lubbock from the cycling community.

City of Lubbock and the Parks and Recreation Department

This open letter is in reaction to the recent award by Texas Parks and Wildlife Grant to the City of Lubbock for the purpose of improving the Lubbock mountain bike trails.

Mountain Biking aka MTB is a unique part of the overall cycling world, unlike those that ride on public roads, whether they be pavement or dirt, MTB riders generally ride on trail systems carved out of public land. Lubbock, despite the generally flat geography, has a very unique public trail system. Mae Simmons Park/Dunbar Lake mountain bike trail system, located has just inside the East Loop, has evolved over the last 25 years into a well-established system of caliche and rock trails, when if ridden in total, has just under 20 miles of single track.

Historically these trails have been built and maintained by private volunteer efforts, little if any public funds have been used in this regard, despite this fact, the current trail system in Lubbock is bigger and better maintained than it has ever been. The MTB community represents hundreds of individuals and family units. The trails are used night and day, year-round by local riders. The trails draw riders from all over the state and the feedback is generally that of surprise when folks see the detail of this system.

The local trail system has the potential to be one Lubbock’s recreational crown jewels, good trails appeal to hikers, runners and MTB riders. The MTB community is excited to see what this grant means to the trail system. However, we are somewhat surprised in that little if any effort has been made by the City to get input or feedback from the community regarding the needs of the trail system and users.

Since learning of the Texas Parks and Wildlife grant, we have collected input from the MTB community. The overwhelming theme of that input relates to development and maintenance of the trail system but without unnecessary bureaucracy. We welcome the City’s efforts in this regard we just ask that we be included in this process.

Keith C. Thompson joined by

The Lubbock MTB Community

West Texas Cycling Association

Velocity Bike Shop

DFC Fitness

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