• Aubra Doss

Meeting Minutes: FEB '21

CTO: 7:04 pm

Correction: LBC balance updated.

Easter Hill County tour- it’s not something we are not involved in from a coordination effort any longer

Motion to Approve old minutes- Aubra and 2nd by Randy. Passed.

Old Biz:

-Phone Book Member Directory with Opt In: WTCA policy to prohibit suspension pending review (Paul will draft and email to group within 2-3 weeks)and incorporate into Bike Reg form

-Club Website: version 1- still working with bike shops on getting 20% discount. Some have committed to this. There will be a members only section. We want to showcase our club ride listings that shows the map and difficulty level.

Comments: Randy is stepping down as ride leader for Advanced Chism Ride. Randy will spend more time on off-road riding.

—Robbie Thrasher has the Club bike trailer that would need to store it on someone else’s property. (Aubra has possible commercial property to store it on).

—-Size Large bike club (green) riding shorts for free (message Randy)

New Biz:

-Square Reader option for credit card payment on the spot for club sanctioned events in lieu of check payments.

-Hard Hats Program- helmets for kids sizes, Dr will provide maybe 50 helmets with matching. Check back end of the year in Oct 2021 since mostly out of smaller sizes.

-Buy a Bike Program- comp 1 year membership, it would not hurt us, and insurance taking into consideration would not hurt us. Business Card with QR card that will take them to our website to register

New Rides:

-Beginner Rider program- Aubra and Renee gathering people, “Day 2 riders,” Guest 1 time insurance coverage. Weekly Ride to start in March 2021 (Tech campus route, TBA).

-Chill Chism ride (slower) on a Sunday morning led by Judy.

Misc. Topics:

-In-house meetings: not yet. Maybe when it warms up to be outside

-Branch and Bank (First Bank and Trust) Accounts: raised.

Treasury Report

  • -WTCA- $5193.71.

  • Expenses from last mo: $1392.60 for insurance $100 for LABS membership.

  • -Chap- $1281.13

  • -LBC- $10,638.23

Ride of Silence-

-Paul to start the process, check with Tech about starting on their property. And see what routes the city will or wont do.

Dirty Time Trial Feb 28th for gravel.

-Note: Same place as last DTT, this is event 2/3 before we transition to road (AD)

Membership Checks and Waivers on the spot-

Treasurer states that people really should try to avoid drop check by hand, but if it happens, it needs to have registration form with it because it needs to have the waiver.

MTA Bobby Second Bobby at 8:01 p.m.

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